Koyunluoglu Museum

İzzet Koyunluoğlu, one of the well-known families of Konya, has built a special museum and library with historical works that have been collected for years in his house. Later, the museum and library that it was founded were donated to Konya Municipality. Archaeological and ethnographic artifacts are exhibited in the museum.

A.R.İzzet Koyunoğlu donated his museum, which he created with his personal efforts, between the famous museums and libraries of the world to the Municipality of Konya in 1973. For this reason, A. R. İzzet Koyunoğlu’s house was taken under protection and the environment was expropriated and the modern building of today’s 3433 m2 area was built. The museum was reorganized and opened for the second time on February 2, 1984 with the name of “Konya Metropolitan Municipality A. R. İzzet Koyunoğlu Museum and Library”.

The museum has been made up of various sections on two floors. The man, animal bust, stele and sculpture in the courtyard surrounding the building from four sides; headstones, bearers; stone and marble inscriptions from various periods; millstones, sarcophagi, made from terracotta.

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