Konya in the period of Anatolian Selcuklu

The city was established after Malazgirt war Selcuk Turks got it(1076-1080). During the Capital of the Anatolian Selcuks State (1096-1277), the golden age of culture and art lives. The city collects famous scholars, philosophers, poets, Sufis, Hodja, Musikhisinas and other craftsmenof this period inside it. Bahaeddin Veled, Mevlâna Celaleddin, Kadu Burhaneddin, Kadi Sıraceddin, Sadreddin Konevi, Şahabeddin Sühreverdi and Muhyiddin Arabi, were settled in Konya. they made the city a cultural center with the works they gave.Especially Hz.Mevlana enlighted humanity by his ideas and philosophy. Nasreddin Hodja is a wise person who has been laughing and thinking, and continuing for centuries in the development of Konya’s culture and social life. During the Seljuk period, libraries were opened in Konya and major historical and cultural breakthroughs took place in the field of History, Literature, Philosophy, Art, Medicine, Cosmology, Law and Religion.Depending on this,mosques,libraries,fountains,castles,bazaars,inns and baths were built and opened.

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