Konya Huyugu

The places where the first people live are called as “Hüyük”.When these places didn’ enough for people,they moved next to this places and built villages and towns.Konya was fit for the conditions,so yhese places was occured mostly here.Examples are these places are Kara aslan hüyügü,hasan köy hüyügü,kara hüyügü,pamukcu hüyügü,bayat hüyügü,zoldera hüyügü,dinorna hüyügü,şeyh hasan hüyügü,comaklar hüyügü,boruktolu hüyügü,resil hüyügü,kuyucak hüyügü,panbukcu hüyügü.The most important hüyük is Catal hüyük and the other important one is hatunsaray hüyüğü. Hatunsaray and its vicinity are filled with old architectural works, sculptures and inscription.These works belong to Karamangulları,Seljuks and Bizantines. There are many Greek Latin inscriptions as ornaments on the walls used as building materials in the homes, sculpture heads, inscriptions and stones were used. They were standing in the houses until recently. But now a lot of homes have been destroyed because of the destruction.The other importan hüyük is catalhüyük.It was a neopolitic seetlement place. It was discovered by the great British archaeologist James Mellaart. Scientific excavations are still going on. In this region lies an old and very rich history laid out in places. It is necessary to present this region to the world mankind as soon as possible. In short, this place is a place of open air museum. As a result of the regular and careful excavation, it is estimated that a lot of information about the first people will be reached.

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