Kadı izzedin mosque

The mosque is in the center of Konya, in the Şemsi Tabrizi neighborhood. It was made 50-60 years ago. There is a wooden minaret on the right side of the glass. The mosque was built instead of the demolished madrasah built by Kadi izzeddinin. it is said that there was an old coin here, while the base is being excavated to make a new mosque instead of this destroyed mosque. This is just a rumor taken from a public. While the excavation continued, the work had been terminated here, taking into account the likelihood of the removal of ancient artifacts bearing art. There is not much digging. When you enter the courtyard door of the mosque, there is a tomb. The mosque is made of mud brick and cut brick and covered with roof.There is still a basement that includes three tombs. it is estimated that many valuable pieces will come out of the museum if detailed investigation and research are done here. It is the elderly people who give us this information.It is said that Kadi İzzeddin,his son and his wife was buried here. It is said that there was a madrasah where there is a mosque. But any sing from Madrasah have not been found so far. Kadi İzzeddin is a statesman who struggles to prevent the collapse and dissolution of the Selcuk and to protect his country.He was a vizier of Selcuks. Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi preached in this mosque.It is the moral value of this mosque..

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