Kevele Castle

The castle is on the Takkeli Mountain, 8-10 kilometers away from Konya. The castle, which looks like a crown or a skullcap on the top of the mountain, it was called as Takkeli. Castles are usually made in wetlands.This castle is one of them. The reason is to be more resistant to the enemy and to prevent people live in the castle from becoming thirst. There are those who say that this is the extinct volcano because of the sulfury water on the top of the mountain. The name of the castle was taken from a god of place.The temples of this god was built on top of mountains or bottom of mountains.There is cave in front of the castle.The temple was made into only one rock from west to east. Its length is 18 meters and 4.5 meters. The top is in the form of a cradle.Windows were hollowed out to look Sille. The shape of the windows in the shape of a hollow indicates that it is a fortress. A lot of shapes are engraved on the walls.Cross and many Greek words can be seen among them. There is also an idol in the temple. After Christianity came, the monastery was expanded by inserting the monastery. After Christianity came, the temple was expanded by inserting the monastery.NAtive people called this place as ‘koca in’. From here we see many mountains and especially ‘Karadağ’ that locates in Sulutas.Native people know here as Kandire.There is a sulfury water when climbing the castle. people say that this water is good for scabies, itching and skin diseases. the castle walls were made in three places in some places in two places. Before the Seljuks,people hided out when they scared. The most interesting feature of this castle is that it is built on a very high mountain. The castle has undergone continuous repair and expansion

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