Sille Houses

Houses and mansions was made of a kind of volcanic stone that was soft before but get hards when it meets air. Here, people used to make these stones, which they had taken from the mountains of this region, and built many dwellings and temples. Sille has many such houses and temples. It’s like in Pluto Monastery. These dwellings and temples consist of two floors with balconies from the front. The houses are covered with flat roofs, covered with wooden plank. The shape of these houses have artistic value.They look authentic. There are houses and mansions that have come up today. In the houses, the artistic features of the wooden carving of the doors and windows are important. The inner and outer parts of the houses are covered with a kind of plaster made of mud and straw,and lime whitewas is makes on it. The kitchens of the houses are generally large and have a section called cooker, which is made of cooked brick. In addition, wall masonry is very specific. A set of wooden materials is interwoven between the building and the air is circulated in both solidified. Generally, the rooms are in a courtyard. There is a courtyard at the entrance. The courtyard is covered with stone plaster. In the garden there is also a water pump to get water. There is a water well below it.This water well removes the humidity from house.This water well removes house from humidity and also  it supply water for house. In the houses there are grape hangers for the courtyard.These overshadow the courtyard and also supply grapes to house. There are also iron bars in the lower floor windows of the houses to protect them. They have patterns and motifs that are suitable for that locality.They are wooden stairs to reach the upper floor. These are both material and artistic values in terms of craftsmanship. In the past, people have been managing with agriculture and viniculture.Sille stream passes through Sille. There are vineyards near houses. For this reason Sille is green land. In addition, soil testing, soil pots, bowls, pots and plates have been made and sold in the area since ancient times. The works are very high quality and artistic. These are worth seeing.

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