IPlikci(Altunba )Madrasah

The Altunba madrasah is one of the oldest of the Selcuk madrasa and Darül Hadihs in the Konya as of the date of construction. The madrasa is located in the city center behind the İplikci Mosque. The mudbrick roofed madrasa with no architectural value remained standing until the revolution of the Republic. The madrasah was later demolished and the site became a land. In 1939, when the İplikci mosque was being repaired, the excavations made here revealed the anticipated remains of the old madrasah. Altunba Madrasah for Konya is at the head of the madrasah list. Altunba is one of the first lore centers of Konya.When Sultanul Ulema and and his son came to Konya,they stay in this madrasah.Sultanul Ulema stayed here for a long time and Celaleddin Rumi got more knowledge  in here. it was said that there was no other madrasah in this period in Konya. According to some reports, the room behind the İplikci mosque standing today is the first room that Sultanul Ulema stayed. The students of this madrasah wandered around with the Mevlevi outfit. It was a madrasah that belong to the Selcuk period.From this great madrasah,only Karatay and İnce minaret madrasahs can survive. All the other madrasahs built during the Seljuk and Karamanogullar times were destroyed.

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