Old Konya Home

According to Huseyin Ozcan native people of Konya, houses were usually made of properly cut brick or mud brick. In normal houses or mansions, the walls are double-woven, that is, they are made in the form of a large and a small with folk commentary. Houses are covered with two layers of wood, and the wood is covered with wicker-covered soil, and a wooden footbed is made on top of it and a second floor is made on it. Again the roof is covered with wicker, wood and soil. The roof is covered with tiles. The reason why the soil is used in the partition between the two floors is that it is cool in summer and hot in winter. For this process, white soil is used. The outer and inner coverings of the houses are made of mortar with red soil, water and wheat straw, which are covered with mud-brick walls and painted with lime water. Houses are usually located in a large garden and entrance to the house is through the garden gate. Upon entering the house there is a large room on the right, with a kitchen and bathroom on the left. A wooden staircase is made to climb up. The ladder consists of 18 or 20 steps. In general, architectural feature cannot be seen on  staircases. Right in the large room there are two cupboards that are buried in the wall. The cupboards were made of wood. There are two rooms on the left, one is a large and the other one is small, and the floor of these rooms was made of wooden. From the stairs there is an open hall for the exit of the three room doors. There is a sofa in front of the glass in the form of step. This room has two windows. It is a large window overlooking the garden, a small window facing the street. Each room has a window made of wood. But these windows do not have any wood-related artifacts. There is a stone pavement at the house level in the house garden.There are larders that made of brick or mudbrick. There is a big oven  in these larders. There is also a pump near the house, which called as fountain on today. There is a kitchen and a toilet a little away.In some houses there is an oven that called as ‘tandır’.There is also a place under the house that called as ‘izbe’ in Turkish. This section is cool in summer and winter and stores food items such as cheese, meat, and oil.Usually this section builts in the West side of the house. Today, these houses are very few. There is not

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