Bugday Bazaar

According to the Osman Aydogan rhetoric, the wheat market was built in 1319 during the time of the Governor of Konya, Avlonian Ferid Pasha.Before wheat market moved this place,it was in Secon Selim’s  almshouse. The market has two gates. One opens to the east and the other opens to the west. Wheat, oats, barley, corn, wheat flour, bran, lentils,rice and similar dry legumes were sold in the market. People took their nutrients from here. According to what we learned from the local people in the market, daily shopping was available. According to the conditions of that day there is a potential for a shopping intensive. In other words, Konya is a place where the economy is concentrated. In other words, it was a place where the economy of Konya was active. The market place is near Larende street, near the Women market(Eski Kadınlar Pazarı in local language). Shopping places are usually single-storey shops built of adhered mudbrick

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