Iplikciler Bazaar

This is the most changing place in Konya. To the east of the Altunba Madrasah  there is also a Hoca Hasan Masjid. On top of one of these borders there is Altunba’s home. According to the document, this is called iplik bazaar,iplikçiler bazaar,hoşafcılar bazaar,(Kişçiler=Samurcular) bazaar. The bazaar is the back street of the İplikci mosque. At the same time, the market is at the back of the general direct rate of  turkish post. There are shopping centers on that street at the present time, but there are no features of the past. But it is a place known by everybody when the people of Konya say İplikciler Bazaar or Hosafcılar Bazaar. It is not clear who established this market place and who organized it as a market place. We have no documents at all.

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