Ateşbaz Veli Tomb

it is on the west side of Konya. It is in the vicinity of the Havzan. The tomb is octagonal and the lower part of the tomb was made of completely regular and reddish cut stone  and the upper part was made with brick.Door of tomb and the basement floor that is for funeral  open up to the North. This basement door’s arch is exclusive stone.Ateşbaz’s tomb can be seen in here. A sarcophagus was made  of brick and covered with ordinary tree.

Ateşbaz Veli and son of İzzeddin who was called as Şemseddin Yusuf was buried there.It is said that Ateşbaz-ı Veli was cook of Mevlana.It is not known that why he was called as Ateşbaz-ı Veli.It is estimated that he was called as like that because he made fire games and he worked in ‘matbah’(it was kind of kitchen on that days.) He is originally from Karaman.

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