Hatıpoglu Hamamı

The turkısh both was built by Hatıplı Hasbey’s son Mehmed Bey.After the Meram bridge.The both is corner of the street.It is for men and the other one that is in sout side is for women.The gate of the men’s both opens up to the Meram Bazaar.There is a very preciass arch on the door.Many floral reliefs decorate the arch.In the middle of the arch,there are two-hugging dragor and on both side there are two fish reliefs it is estimated that these precimis parts was brought there from another places.The main both consist of three open and two closed private room around the ravel stone heating was done by burning made.The both has six  basin of both on both side.The both is one of historical artifacts of Karamanoglu Period.The both was illimunated by mainting glass fans on the dome:the structure is negleted and roined nowadays.

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