Sanayi Mektebi(Industry Mektebi)

The bazaar that called as Konya Bedesteni and also Inns and boths was destroyed in 1898.In dustry scholl wa built instead of Konya Bedesten Bazaar.It was built in Mevlana street and across İplikci  mosque.Governor who was know as Mehmet Ferit Paşa had the structure built .Architect of the strecture was Sefik Bey.

The outside of the building is symetrical and it is three floors.In the early periods,the  basement floom was used as workshop later an,the western part of the basement was used as  room,refectory and warehome tiles an top of window was simulated 16 th cetury’s Ottoman tiles  the famous file master of that period was called and asked to maketiles.He did the tiles ın 1968 the structure turn into Karatay high school.The sturcture born in 1979 and it was empty for a lont time.Roverear of Konya restored the building and it was used as city administrations a while than,it served as provincial equncil meeting place and service buildingçNowadays,building was used as Konya police officer

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