Karatay  Madrasah

  1. Karatay  Madrasah was built in 1251 when the second  Keykavus, the fourth  Kılıçaslan and the second Keykubad brothers shared their jurisdiction behalf of second Keykavus. The most spectacular feature of the Karatay Madrasah is the magnificent and imposing marble gate that carries Selcuk Architectural feature. Karatay Madrasah is in the South of the Alaadin Hill and at the beginning of Ankara district.The madrasah is the most importanart indicator that shows Selcuk’s art and arhitecture.It shows that the magnificiant mixture of glazed brick and tile.There are tiles,colours and glazed bricks and kind of materials in harmony inside the dome. These prove the concordance of  Selcuk’s art.Nowadays The Madrasah serves domestic and foreign tourists.

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