Sırcalı Madrasah

Sırcalı Madrasah was built by Bedreddin Muhlis in Hijri 674 by Bedreddin Muhlis in second Keyhüsrev period for students and poor. According to the public opinion this structure was made to teach the student Prophet Muhammed’s words. The quality of tile in mosaic is one of the most precios monument in  Konya  according to appearance and handling.Blue,light blue,black,white,purple and maroon  were used for tile. The most magnificient tile art can see in a place that called as “eyvan” and rooms that locates in the two sides.This Madrasah  called as Sırcalı because these tile handlings was made in the peak of artistic elegance of Selcuk.This madrasah lost its artistic value because of  neglect and indifference.Time and environment condition are also factor of this situation. Today is open to tourism and this structure draws the attention of domestic and foreign tourists.

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