Konevi Mosque

Konevi is a small mosque and it has water fountain.It was the only mosque that entrance door locates to Qibla.Sadreddin Konevi had the mosque built in 1274.The day and month is not certain that the mosque was built.Sadreddin Konevi was a great scholar that sees the feature well.The mosque is one of themost important structure of Selcuklu. The wooden covers of windows prove Selcuklu’s excellence of carving art. The tomb that Sadreddin Konevi was buried is the left side of mosque. Above the tomb was covered like tree cage. The tile art draws the attention the first time you entire the mosque.The dominant colour of tile art is blue.In Mehmet Ferit Paşa who was the governer of Konya the mosque had repaired essentially.Although it is sad that the mosque belongs to Byzantines,it is understood that it was Selcuklu’s structure by investigating the workmanship.Some of the important materials that includes Sadreddin Konevi’s book,prayer rug and other precious things was sent to the museum.A cardigan that belongs to Ibni Arabi is locates in Meram town.

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