Konya is in the Central Anatolia

Konya is in the Central Anatolia region of Turkey.It is surrounded by Ankara,Eskişehir inthe North,Afyon and Isparta in the West,Antalya,Karaman int the South,Niğde,Aksaray in the east.Due rol and area is the largest province of our country.In general,the geographical structure of the plain is in shape of the center.The central districts are surrounded by mountains,whereas the central part is flat like a tray.For this reason,agriculture is little more comfortable than other things are made.Although it has continental climate as climate,it is a step climate.A a majör majority,there is water stress.For this reason,cereal plants with relatively little water dependence are planted.Farm crops such as sugar beet,moon flower,corn,cabbage,lettuce carrot andradish produced by farmers in wettlands such as wheat,barley.Konya’s bread wheat is highly volved all over the country.Very good quality bread is made.Konya’s  hard terrestial climate raises the quality of the product.Quality istricts of Meram,Karatay,Selçıklu in the central provinces near the provincial center of Konya are producing quality agricultural inputs.There are small head such as sheep,goats,cattle,buffalo as larhe head and poultry farms for livestock breeding.There are very important agricultural inputs for Konya.These animals have very good qualities like meat,milk and egg.Konya farming has been integrated very well.It reduces both agricultural cost and also increases product quality.The agricultural products are produced in Konya are very qualified.

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