Meram Bridge

The bridge was built on Meram stream.There is no information about who made the bridge and When it made. The bridge was made with regularly cut stone. The bridge consists of five spaces. It is estimated that the bridge was built in Selcuk’s period because of the architectural characteristics of it. The bridge is visited by domestic and foreign tourists from Turkey and abroad. Tourists take photo of he appearance of the meram stream, promenade area and cafes wiev. The bridge has been undergoing maintenance and repairs at competent authorities until recently. In addition, there are meram vineyards around the Meram Bridge. Meram vineyards are fast adhesion that have lost the vineyard property,but now it serves as a recreational place. The Konya Metropolitan Municipality and the Meram District Municipality serve very wel,so restaurants and tea gardens are set up to serve the public. This part of the Meram vineyards is covered by trees that includes poplar,oak pine and plane

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