Kapi Mosque

Kapi Cami is one of the biggest mosque in after Alaadin mosque in city center. One of the Mevlana’s grandsons who called as Şeyh Hüseyin Çelebi had the mosque built in1221. The mosque took this name because it was in front of the door which called as “At Pazarı”. The mosque had been destroyed in 1811 and it had been rebuilt by Müft Köse Abdurrahman Efendi. İt was destroyed again in 1867 by the fire which happened in the Konya Bazaar . It was rebuit by Kose Abdurrahman Efendi’s inheritors.

Nowadays construction still uses as a mosque. The mosque is a favourite place of public. It was built by using regular and precious materials and Stones. The Stones that creates the mosque were removed from castle walls and processed onto mosque walls. Lead mine and flashings were use to cover the roof. There are eight stores under the place which called as last congregation. A water fountain can ben seen on the right side.

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